Following are list of Parks located in Lahore Cantonment

S.No Name of Park Location
1 Gole Bagh  Sarwar Raod
2 Ghulam Ahmed Park 1,2,3 Lahore Road
3 Imtiaz Shaheed Road Park 1,2 Imtiaz Shaheed Road
4 Raja Park  Zarar Shaheed Raod
5 Bilal Park  New Officer Colony 
6 Rehana Park  Sarwar Raod
7 Old office Colony Park Old Officer Colony
8 PAF Colony Park PAF Colony Svy No. 15
9 Lal Kurti Park Lalkurti 
10 Aziz Bhatti Park  Aziz Bhatti Road
11 CSD Park Aziz Bhatti Road
12 Shami Park Shami Road  / Infentry Road
13 Ayyub Bagh  Aziz Bhatti Road
14 Bridge Colony Park Abid Majeed Road
15 Allau din Bridge Park Allau Din Road
16 28- Bazar Park Abid Majeed Road
17 28- Bazar Dispensary Park Abid Majeed Road
18 Canna Park Bagh Ali Road
19 Alpine Park  Munir Road
20 Tariq Road Park Tariq Road
21 Haji Terminal Park Access Road
22 Jawad Cheema Chowk Access Road
23 Askari-x Chowk Access Road

We demonstrate best horticultural practice and ensure we adapt our working methods to suit each individual site’s requirements. Our experience, knowledge and skills allow us to sustainably protect and maintain ecologically sensitive sites including the development and safeguarding of LCB sites to support and encourage the ecological processes and functions of each individual habitat.

Our Services

  • Development & maintenance of parks, playgrounds, recreational grounds and traffic islands.
  • Maintenance of existing green areas.
  • To organize fruits, flower, trees show and develop awareness among the public regarding importance of trees for human welfare.
  • Development of roadsides, plantation of trees, shrubs and grasses and improve the outlook.
  • Maintenance of graveyards.
  • Establishing the shady areas and trees in parks and roads tree trimming.
  • Sitting areas for adult and playing areas for children.
  • Water features are maintained in major parks to add to beauty and recreation.
  • Grass maintenance.